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'Cause I'd like to make myself believe...
That planet Earth turns
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems...

Goddamn, this took so long. And it was worth it, honestly. I maaay have gone overdose on the shading, but hey; at least it kinda looks good.

Featheren Ponies concept


The featheren ponies, also known as heathies, are small robot-like ponies who are chosen at ‘birth’ to protect a certain pony. They regard them as their master, and follow almost every command. The featheren ponies have orbs on their manes and tails that symbolize their element. For example, the pony could hold electric magic, so their orbs would be a yellowish brown or a blueish purple.

Origins and more about them

Nopony has really gathered any information on how they came to be. They don’t really know how they survive, or how they eat. Though, the second they were discovered by an archaeologist, these pony-robots were observed very closely. Princess Luna wanted to use them for her Lunar Republic, and Celestia wanted them to be used for her own purposes. The archaeologist that discovered them once followed one of the featheren ponies into their camp, and found that they can understand common language. All Featheren only submitted to their overlord.

However, the archaeologist conversed with the overlord of the featheren, and she agreed to let the ponies take some of the featheren home. Not only did they do so because of The Broken itself, but because of them losing trust and faith in their own overlord, whom everyday failed to destroy The Broken.

A Featheren may have a maximum of two magical elements, and can only speak through telepathy. Although, their overlord can also speak through both telepathy and common language. The fur on their chest can turn into spikes when the featheren pony is threatened and requires defense.

They serve their masters and only them. If they disobey their masters too many times, then the master may choose to send the featheren to The Broken. The Broken is a deep, dark forest that never ends. The featheren can never get out.

When threatened, the orbs on their manes and tails detach to give the featheren more strength. As the orbs unattach from the Featheren, they circle around them, creating a barrier, and also gives the Featheren a way to find the attacker’s weaknesses. This way, they have a better chance at defeating the opposer. If the Featheren wants to rid of the attacker, they may choose to do so without their owner’s approval; this does not count as disobeying.


These pony-robots are calm, collected and quite obedient. This is because they fear The Broken. While in The Broken, their fur slowly starts to wilt, and their body becomes transparent until they fade from existence. They are very feisty when first built, but mature as they grow older.

They can be very dangerous when approached alone, as they believe they can overpower one pony on their own.


Featheren ponies cannot reproduce sexually, as they do not have reproductive systems. The featheren builds their offspring. They do not need help from their master/owner, as they generate copies of their own bodies to make a new copy. Then, the copy quickly gives off a new form in a brand of light.


  • They can sometimes have cutie marks, but for a different reason.

  • The cutie marks they receive only represents their element.

  • They will always have either wings or a horn. The latter is rare, though.

  • Their eyes are always closed, except when sleeping, where their eyes will appear galaxy-like.

  • The featheren have different kinds of wings, but mostly mechanical wings.

What they look like:
Noctis' Featheren by AMiraPone

Featherens are a open species, just ask me if you can make one.


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